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Tickets For Music Fans, By Music Fans

Buying concert and event tickets online can often prove a nightmarish experience. Major ticket marketplaces are overwhelming—and often cluttered with overpriced seats and limited- availability shows. Based in Los Angeles, Granted seeks to upend that dynamic by offering access to sold-out events, VIP concerts, and countless other live shows. Curated for music fans, by music fans, Granted offers an unrivaled online ticket-buying experience.

However, in order to compete with much more established online ticket marketplaces, Granted needed to leverage digital marketing channels to grow their brand awareness and improve their sales volume. In particular, the Granted team wanted to exploit social media marketing—in order to target individuals with an established interest in live music. Facebook and Instagram seemed like a logical avenue, but their early experiments with advertising in the channel proved unsuccessful.

“Prior to working with TAS, Granted was handling all advertising internally, without a paid marketing representative. The decision to bring on TAS was a large one for the organization, since we hadn’t hired anyone to focus on paid marketing at that point,” says Shayma Hesari, CEO & Co-Founder of Granted. “As a first-time startup, it’s jarring to approach Facebook advertising—and TAS has been able to do so successfully, with a can-do attitude that puts us at ease.”

After partnering with TAS Marketing, Granted was able to drastically improve their social media marketing efforts—by driving a major increase in sales volume, while simultaneously growing their brand awareness through better cost-per-click efficiency.

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Jumpstarting Sales For A New Platform

Although Granted was successfully driving sales from a variety of channels—including industry partnerships—paid social media advertising had proven to be an unexploited area of opportunity. When Granted decided to partner with TAS Marketing, they were looking to jumpstart sales volume from their paid acquisition efforts.

The TAS team rebuilt Granted’s paid social campaigns from the ground up, by implementing a more granularly targeted approach for each concert tour that Granted sought to promote.

Additionally, TAS refined Granted’s target audiences—focusing on a more distilled subset of Facebook & Instagram users who not only had an established interest in a given artist, but who also matched certain key demographics that meant they were more likely to complete a ticket purchase.

Seven months after partnering with TAS Marketing, Granted saw a 1,533% increase in conversion volume from their paid social media campaigns. However, it was not solely a lift in conversion volume that the TAS team generated; Granted’s ad spend efficiency also improved by 55%, thanks to the more-refined campaign structure that TAS implemented.

Growing Brand Awareness In A Crowded Vertical

Driving sales wasn’t the only goal that Granted sought to achieve from their paid social media campaigns. In an industry that has long been dominated by two major online ticket marketplaces, Granted wanted to generate brand awareness and better position itself to capture market share over the long run. In order to achieve this goal, TAS built new “evergreen” campaigns for Granted, which introduced the brand to a variety of music fans and live event attendees on Facebook and Instagram.

Leveraging a handful of customer personas that the Granted team had created, TAS launched a series of video ads introducing social media users to the Granted platform. Furthermore, the TAS team helped Granted to identify the personas that were less efficient to target. “TAS is great at balancing our needs while simultaneously educating us,” says Shayma Hesari. “Sometimes we may want to push a concept that’s not a best practice, and while they’re always willing to appease us as a client, they will manage expectations of performance upfront and think of alternate solutions.”

Seven months into their partnership with TAS, Granted’s paid social media clicks had increased by 885%. Not only did their campaigns drive significantly more click traffic, but their cost-per-click also improved by 26%. These major performance improvements—in terms of both click volume and efficiency—allowed Granted’s brand awareness efforts to thrive.

Looking To The Future Of Live Events

As Facebook rolls out significant changes to their conversion tracking processes, many advertisers are scrambling to adapt. In particular, e-commerce businesses have been forced to react quickly to these changes—and to find an effective means of quantifying their returns in the channel. “While Granted hasn’t worked with any paid marketing partners aside from TAS, I’ve personally managed Facebook campaigns in the past,” says Shayma Hesari. “TAS is fantastic at keeping up with all the most recent changes in Facebook advertising, and understanding how these changes might affect our ads. They stay current, and adjust with ease and flexibility. That’s been a great experience for us.”

After working together for seven months, both Granted and TAS Marketing are excited about what the future holds. Now a major part of Granted’s growth strategy, paid social media campaigns have become integral to their success as an early stage business. “TAS has shown us there is absolutely a future for Granted in Facebook advertising—and the more we grow as a business, the better the returns we experience,” Hesari says. “Without the TAS team, we’d have very little understanding of product-market fit for the specific products we’ve been advertising. I would certainly recommend them to anyone. They have helped us tremendously.”

What Our Clients Say

"TAS quickly got up to speed on who we are and how we operate. Their focused audit and insightful recommendations were all actionable and thought through, with results in mind."

Lauren Collier

Senior Vice President

"When we brought TAS on board, we had a partner who was focused on being efficient, being effective, and monitoring the success of each campaign - which is invaluable."

John Enny

Director of Marketing

"Before working with TAS, we were casting too wide of a net and wasting ad dollars. TAS helped us focus on our core demographic for a more efficient ad spend."

Josh Grundy

Director of Marketing

"Our relationship with TAS has been exceedingly positive. Their team is thoughtful and thorough, they can easily shift between carrying out stated deliverables or proposing creative solutions.”

Dan Hershberg

Chief Brand Officer

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