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Targeting The Niche Collector

When it comes to auto insurance, it’s easy to run ads targeting the general vehicle owner— but far harder to target the collector of classic and rare vehicles. In order to successfully identify automobile enthusiasts and drive an efficient CAC, it is imperative that insurers of collector vehicles fully understand their target demographic.

Grundy Insurance knows this firsthand. In business since 1947, Grundy has grown into one of the nation’s foremost insurers of collector vehicles.

Their current CEO, Jim Grundy, is the only broker in the country to have valuation and underwriting authority extended to him personally by AIG. This permits him to approve collection and individual vehicle values at his sole discretion.

In recent years, advertising in channels like Google and Facebook has become an increasingly important source of lead generation for Grundy Insurance. The shutdowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated their importance.

“As a business that has traditionally operated with many boots-on-the-ground efforts, COVID made it necessary for us to redirect those ad dollars to another channel: digital media,” says Josh Grundy, Director of Marketing. “Before working with TAS, we were casting too wide of a net and wasting ad dollars. TAS has helped us focus on our core demographic for more efficient ad spend.”

In partnering with TAS, Grundy Insurance was able to scale their presence in both Google Paid Search and Facebook Paid Social, with performance improving greatly in both channels. 

Improvement Over Paid Social Efficiency Goal
+ 0 %
Decrease In Paid Search Cost-Per-Conversion
- 0 %
Increase In Paid Search Conversion Volume
+ 0 %

Optimizing For Consumer Intent

Before their partnership with TAS, the overwhelming majority of Grundy’s Google Paid Search conversion volume was being driven by 2 keywords. In order to jumpstart lead generation while simultaneously improving efficiency, TAS refined Grundy’s keyword targeting approach, identifying numerous high-intent keywords that are likely to be searched by classic car collectors looking for auto insurance.

These new, high-intent keywords increased conversion volume significantly, while simultaneously decreasing overall cost-per-conversion. 


The only previous experience we had [with Google Paid Search] was my personal experience,” says Josh Grundy. “Our goal was to increase leads. We have achieved that with TAS, and we may continue to expand after more research and data tracking.”

After their first 6 months with TAS, Grundy Insurance saw their Google Paid Search conversion volume increase by +1,435%, while their CAC improved by -81%.

Efficient lead generation in Google requires the ability to identify and target keywords that illustrate a high level of consumer intent. Because the TAS team identified high-intent keywords that Grundy Insurance had previously missed—and tailored new campaigns to those keywords—Grundy’s Google Paid Search efforts have proven hugely successful, blossoming into a major driver of lead generation for their business. 

Refining Audience Targeting

Prior to their partnership with TAS, Grundy Insurance had not run any Paid Social campaigns on Facebook or Instagram. Launching ads in new channels was a risky but potentially worthwhile proposition—if the right audiences could be identified and targeted.

Relying upon a variety of data sources—including Grundy’s own in-house data, and demographic performance data sourced from other digital marketing channels like Google Paid Search—the TAS team was able to identify the key demographics of a classic car collector, including age, gender, household income level, and primary interests.

After 6 months of running Paid Social campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, TAS was able drive over 5,700 leads for Grundy Insurance, beating their efficiency goal by 42%.

“TAS can give you insights into your demographic that you may not be aware of at face value,” says Josh Grundy. “Their commitment to cost efficiency is what sets them apart from their competition.”

The ability of the TAS team to understand the prototypical Grundy target customer—and to accurately target those target customers while maintaining highly efficient ad spend—laid the groundwork for Grundy’s ultimate success with their Paid Social campaigns.

Looking To The Future

“Timing is everything,” says Josh Grundy. “With continued growth and positive sales numbers, we will increase our budgets across the board.”

As Grundy Insurance continues to scale its presence in channels like Google and Facebook, efficiency becomes increasingly imperative. TAS understands this firsthand, and continually strives to provide the Grundy team with the transparent reporting they need in order to develop successful digital marketing roadmaps for the future. 

“Transparency has been the best part of our partnership with TAS thus far,” Josh Grundy continues. “I have had no problem telling the TAS team where we stand; and they have been more than willing to pivot to meet our needs.”

As Grundy’s partnership with TAS approaches its one-year anniversary, both sides are optimistic about what the future holds. The success of Grundy Insurance in Paid Search and Paid Social will continue to impact the broader collector vehicle insurance landscape, and the TAS team couldn’t be more excited.

What Our Clients Say

"TAS quickly got up to speed on who we are and how we operate. Their focused audit and insightful recommendations were all actionable and thought through, with results in mind."

Lauren Collier

Senior Vice President

"When we brought TAS on board, we had a partner who was focused on being efficient, being effective, and monitoring the success of each campaign - which is invaluable."

John Enny

Director of Marketing

"Before working with TAS, we were casting too wide of a net and wasting ad dollars. TAS helped us focus on our core demographic for a more efficient ad spend."

Josh Grundy

Director of Marketing

"Our relationship with TAS has been exceedingly positive. Their team is thoughtful and thorough, they can easily shift between carrying out stated deliverables or proposing creative solutions.”

Dan Hershberg

Chief Brand Officer

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