CASE STUDY: Vim & Vigr

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Compression Socks With Style

Compression socks have long been a favorite of those who work on their feet all day—and particularly those with circulation issues. However, they were often unfashionable accessories that focused on function instead of form. Based in Montana, Vim & Vigr upended that dynamic by offering stylish compression socks that made their wearers look good, while feeling great. Having been regularly featured on Good Morning America and other media outlets, Vim & Vigr has successfully grown a major brand following ever since its inception. 

In 2019, the Vim & Vigr team began experimenting with paid digital advertising in order to scale their customer acquisition efforts. From the onset, they sought an agency partner that could assist in the management of their campaigns. However, their initial agency partner was inattentive to their needs.

“Prior to TAS Marketing, we worked with a larger agency that had hundreds of accounts. We did not feel well informed on the progress of our campaigns. Additionally, we felt pressured to spend more money, despite the returns on our spend not being properly communicated,” says Teresa Zortman, Marketing Manager at Vim & Vigr. “Lack of communication and pressure to spend more were our two largest pain points. The TAS team made communication a priority, and we no longer felt like we were ‘just another account’—but rather a valued client that was actively involved in decision-making. Because of this, we did increase our ad spend, and felt very sound in doing so.”

After partnering with TAS Marketing, Vim & Vigr drove a significant uptick in their paid search returns—while also successfully launching their first foray into paid social media advertising.

Decrease In Paid Social
- 0 %
Increase In Paid
Search ROAS
+ 0 %
Improvement Over Paid
Social ROAS Goal
+ 0 %

Capitalizing On The Right Searches

Prior to their partnership with TAS Marketing, Vim & Vigr was working with an agency partner whose paid search campaigns were effectively running on ‘autopilot’—overutilizing Google’s automated tools, and disregarding the nuanced strategies that are needed in order to drive strong returns in the channel.

When the TAS team took control of Vim & Vigr’s paid search campaigns, they restructured the campaigns to enable a more manual management approach. 

This included implementing new bid strategies, so that more ad spend could be directed towards strongly performing searches—as well as the implementation of a comprehensive system of bid modifiers, so that ads were being directed towards the key target audiences that purchase Vim & Vigr legwear.

The TAS team also focused on driving stronger returns from Vim & Vigr’s non-trademark campaigns. Vim & Vigr’s previous agency partner was exploiting the high efficiency of trademark searches (which often represent existing customers) in order to inflate the overall returns of their campaigns—while simultaneously spending very little on non-trademark searches, where most net-new customers are to be found. TAS Marketing was able to restructure Vim & Vigr’s non-trademark campaigns in order to improve their efficiency. In turn, the TAS team increased the budgets of those non-trademark campaigns—thereby improving the overall success of Vim & Vigr’s new customer acquisition efforts. 

In just three months after partnering with TAS Marketing, Vim & Vigr’s paid search campaigns saw a +12% lift in click volume, while simultaneously driving a -29% improvement in cost-per-click. Most importantly, their paid search campaigns experienced a +15% improvement in return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

Finding An Audience For Compression Legwear

Given the difficulties with paid search that they experienced with their previous agency partner, the Vim & Vigr team hadn’t yet experimented with paid social media advertising when they first partnered with TAS Marketing. Venturing into paid social was therefore a top priority for Vim & Vigr when beginning the new partnership.

“Our motto has always been ‘data, not drama,’ and paid advertising is one of the best ways to capture customers using data. Once we started growing our e-commerce presence, it was a no brainer to venture into paid social,” says Teresa Zortman, Marketing Manager at Vim & Vigr.

In building out Vim & Vigr’s paid social campaigns, the TAS team pursued a ‘funnel’ approach—targeting individuals at each stage of their customer journey. At the top of this funnel were campaigns directed towards key customer personas, such as healthcare professionals, restaurant workers, and frequent travelers. From there, prospective customers would be targeted with ads after having interacted with Vim & Vigr’s social media profiles—and once again after having interacted with key pages on the Vim & Vigr website. 

This ‘funnel’ structure proved to be immensely successful for Vim & Vigr. In three months after partnering with TAS Marketing, Vim & Vigr was able to exceed their paid social return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) goal by over 12%—enabling them to continue advertising in the channel with confidence and enthusiasm.

Scaling Sales For An Important Product

As more and more people have returned to in-person work after the COVID pandemic, compression legwear has become increasingly desirable. Moreover, in professions which require lengthy periods of standing, compression socks have become a major necessity. Vim & Vigr is looking to capitalize on this trend—and their paid acquisition campaigns are a major part of that strategy.

TAS Marketing has given the Vim & Vigr team the confidence to focus their resources elsewhere—knowing that their paid acquisition efforts are being carefully overseen.

“We love the communication style and ease of collaboration with TAS. The feeling of confidence in our ad spend has been amazing,” says Teresa Zortman, Marketing Manager at Vim & Vigr.

Three months into their partnership, both Vim & Vigr and TAS Marketing are looking to the future with a sense of optimism. Given the early successes of the campaigns, the TAS team is continuing to experiment with new strategies—and Vim & Vigr has been wholly supportive of their endeavors. As the compression legwear market continues to grow, Vim & Vigr is well positioned to remain a major player in the industry for years to come.