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Reviews from our clients

"TAS quickly got up to speed on who we are and how we operate. Their focused audit and insightful recommendations were all actionable and thought through, with results in mind."
Lauren Collier
Senior Vice President
"Before working with TAS, we were casting too wide of a net and wasting ad dollars. TAS helped us focus on our core demographic for a more efficient ad spend."
Josh Grundy
Director of Marketing
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"When we brought TAS on board, we had a partner who was focused on being efficient, being effective, and monitoring the success of each campaign - which is invaluable."
John Enny
Director of Marketing
"Our relationship with TAS has been exceedingly positive. Their team is thoughtful and thorough, they can easily shift between carrying out stated deliverables or proposing creative solutions.”
Dan Hershberg
Chief Brand Officer
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“TAS is fantastic at keeping up with all the most recent changes in Facebook advertising, and understanding how these changes might affect our ads. They stay current, and adjust with ease and flexibility. That’s been a great experience for us.”
Shayma Hesari
Co-Founder & CEO