Our Paid Search strategy is driven by consumer intent.

TAS manages Paid Search campaigns in both Google and Bing. Our campaign structure is designed to segment different searches based on their level of consumer intent.

In turn, we can allocate the majority of your ad spend towards the best converting searches—and drive highly efficient campaigns that enable us to scale. 

Lengthier keywords represent a higher level of consumer intent. By focusing on these keywords, we can drive a superior return on our ad spend.

Additionally, in using a comprehensive system of bid modifiers, we are able to direct ad spend towards key demographics and audiences more efficiently. 

Cross-channel performance reporting, tailored specifically to you.

At TAS, we believe that visibility into campaign performance is fundamental to a successful partnership. That is why we create customized performance dashboards for every one of our clients.

With our custom dashboard, you’ll be able oversee multiple digital marketing channels on one page—and maintain visibility into the performance metrics that matter most to your business.

What Our Clients Say

"TAS quickly got up to speed on who we are and how we operate. Their focused audit and insightful recommendations were all actionable and thought through, with results in mind."

Lauren Collier

Senior Vice President

"When we brought TAS on board, we had a partner who was focused on being efficient, being effective, and monitoring the success of each campaign - which is invaluable."

John Enny

Director of Marketing

"Before working with TAS, we were casting too wide of a net and wasting ad dollars. TAS helped us focus on our core demographic for a more efficient ad spend."

Josh Grundy

Director of Marketing

"Our relationship with TAS has been exceedingly positive. Their team is thoughtful and thorough, they can easily shift between carrying out stated deliverables or proposing creative solutions.”

Dan Hershberg

Chief Brand Officer

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TAS Marketing manages several performance marketing channels, for a variety of different businesses. Please take a look at our Case Studies page, which highlights our relationships with some of our longtime clients:

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